Oracle Database 12.2 is now available...and it's time to start your upgrade path for your on-premise installation...but wait. You may want to check it out as a Cloud implementation.




Larry Ellison's keynote was great fun last week at Oracle OpenWorld. But turn down the volume and look at what we've got: The Oracle Database Cloud Service is an affordable, enterprise-class "data management cloud" that includes Oracle Database 12.2 innovations like RAC, In-Memory, Multitenant, and Exadata. All the things you rely on in your enterprise data center.


You say: my data management implementation is extraordinary and complex. And it's working.


Really? First of all, I don't know any DBA who isn't always looking for a way to deliver greater performance and reliability. It's like you are so rarely satisfied. And Oracle knows this. Here's something else we know:


Your users are innovating fast and want to develop and deploy apps as quickly as possible. You can rely on basic system automation to help support this typical Dev/Ops challenge, or you can leverage the streamlined provisioning and automated administration offered by Oracle Database Cloud Service. It will permit your developers to spin up database schemas or full database instances for dev/test quickly and consistently. With the Oracle Database Cloud Service, you can deliver a high-performing database with integrated tools that enable developers to rapidly build and run Oracle Application Express and Java applications.


Oracle ACE Director Bjoern Rost, a senior consultant from Pythian, discusses this scenario and the value moving to the cloud delivers to the Enterprise DBA:



And Robert Greene, Director of Product Management for the Oracle Data Management Cloud  gives an overview of Oracle Database Cloud Services and how it delivers the DevOps capabilities you need:



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