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Oracle JET

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During Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and JavaOne 2015, two hands on lab sessions were held as introductory workshops for Oracle JET.


Attendance was good, as can be seen below for the first of the labs, which was completely full:



The lab instructions can be found here, so anyone can follow it in exactly the same way as was done in the photo above:


It teaches you how to get started with Oracle JET using NetBeans IDE 8.1. At the end of the lab, you have learned how to set up an Oracle JET application, as well as how to use the Oracle JET Cookbook:

Hi and welcome to our new Oracle JET blog.

It's been a very busy week for us at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 where we announced Oracle JET.

The press release is here -


For us the more important activities were interactions with developers through multiple sessions, hands-on labs, and at the demo ground.

The feedback we got was great, and many developers told us this is exactly what they were waiting for.


Now that the OpenWorld craziness is behind us, we can start working on providing you even more information and resources to get you going with Oracle JET.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter to get the latest updates at

Looking forward to a very productive year - and hoping that next year you'll be at OpenWorld demoing your Oracle JET based applications.