Open Source! Open Source! Open Source!


Did we say that we've open sourced Oracle JET?  We have!



What else is new in this release besides the license change?


Command Line Interface (CLI)

We have produced a new Yeoman generator for creating new applications as quickly as possible.  You can create new web and mobile hybrid applications using the generator.

Grunt is also used to provide both build and serve tasks for the web and for mobile hybrid apps targeting both Android and iOS.

Please reference the Developers Guide for a complete command reference for Web development and Mobile Hybrid development


Mobile Hybrid support

It is now easier than ever to develop and build mobile hybrid applications with Oracle JET.

New components that are most commonly used on mobile devices are now available, like:

  • ListView with swipe to reveal



  • Pull-to-refresh functionality on any container


  • Native headers and footers for iOS and Android
  • Native themes for both iOS, Android, and Windows



  • Indexer control for data collection components


  • and more...

Please reference the Developers Guide for more information about developing Mobile Hybrid applications

New Data Visualization components and enhancements

Here are some of the new features in the Data Visualization area:


Picto Chart

A new PictoChart visualization lets the user visualize numeric values using images. Common in infographics, this component provides a more interesting and effective way to present numerical information than traditional tables and lists. The JET PictoChart supports the same animation and interactivity features as our other visualizations, including selection, highlighting, and filtering, and we think it will be an essential ingredient in producing compelling dashboards.

PictoChart Fertility Example.png

For an in-depth look at PictoChart, read the most recent blog post on PictoChart.


Support for Custom Marker Shapes and Images

Custom marker shapes and images are now supported in rating gauge, LED gauge, legend, and the new Picto Chart component. SVG path commands are now supported via the existing shape attributes of each component. The resulting path will be styled and selection effects supported as if it were a built in marker.


New Charting Features

There are a number of new charting features in this new release.

The new features include:

  • Ability to zoom and scroll the chart only in one direction



  • Ability to display total count on top of the bar in stacked bar chart


  • Ability to wrap label text on chart axis labels


  • Ability to display different data series and chart type in chart "zoom & scroll" window.
  • Support for categories on reference objects. This allows the reference objects to participate in the highlighting and filtering across data visualizations.
  • Simplified pie slice label customization
  • Ability to reference the options object and all series in ojChart tooltip callback
  • Ability to style the chart plot area border


NBox Enhancements

NBox has new UI to make it more obvious how to minimize a maximized cell. There are also improvements to the text truncation logic and display of selected markers in the cells.


Timeline Enhancements

Timeline now supports animation on initial display and on data change.


Styling Enhancements

We now support styling for the sunburst slice borders, as well as the "No Data to Display" and "Invalid Data" messages across the data visualization components.



All data visualizations now provide more responsive tooltip feedback on touch.


For a complete list of new features and changes introduced in JET 2.0.0 please consult the Release Notes. Overview and best practices for Data Visualizations in JET is provided in the JET Data Visualizations FAQ.


Cross platform Drag and Drop

A new polyfill is provided with JET 2.0.0 which enables consistent HTML5 drag and drop support between desktop browsers and browsers on mobile devices.


Responsive layout now based on flexbox

A new flex based responsive CSS layout system is now available.  The older oj-row and oj-col system will remain in place for another releases, but it has been tagged as deprecated.

Please reference the Developer Guide for more information about working with the flex layout.

Read the Release Notes

For a full listing of all the changes and updates, please read through the Release Notes found on the Oracle JET website.