JET supports zoom and scroll for its charts. This works really well for large data sets that have a story at a higher level that the application wants to show and still provide the ability to visualize the data in more detail by zooming and scrolling. Before JET 2.0.0, scatter and bubble charts only supported zooming and scrolling in both x and y directions simultaneously.

In JET 2.0.0, we have added another attribute zoomDirection for bubble and scatter charts. With this, an application can restrict the direction of zooming and scrolling by setting it to x, y or auto (for both directions simultaneously). This feature allows the application to guide the end user in zooming or scrolling in only one direction if zooming in both directions does not offer much insight about the data. This feature is also supported if the end user uses a marquee to zoom in or out of the chart.

In the example below, we have restricted zooming to the y direction. This allows us to zoom in, while preserving the comparison of deal sizes across quarters.


<div data-bind="ojComponent: {
          component: 'ojChart',
          type: 'scatter',
          series: scatterSeriesValue,
          zoomAndScroll: 'live',
          zoomDirection: 'y'