v2.0.1 of Oracle JET is a minor release consisting of bug fixes and a few new features in the Data Visualization area.


There were a total of 104 bugs and Enhancement Requests (ER) completed in the last two months. For a list of bug fixes that impact external code, please refer to the Release Notes on the Oracle JET Website.

An overview of what's new in the Data Visualization components area is provided below.


The creation of a new Oracle JET application using the command lines tools, or the NetBeans wizards will all build an application using this new release automatically.  Zip packages are also available from the OTN Download page.

For help with migrating from a previous version of Oracle JET, please visit the Migration Guide as well as a video about migration on the Oracle JET YouTube Channel


New Data Visualization Features in JET 2.0.1


This section provides more details on the new data visualizations features in JET 2.0.1, which was released on April 18th.

Custom Center Content for Donut Chart

Custom center content is now supported for donut chart. This allows arbitrary HTML content to be specified through a knockout template or a JavaScript renderer.



Custom Center Content for Circular Status Meter Gauge

Custom center content is now supported for circular status meter gauge. This allows arbitrary HTML content to be specified through a knockout template or a JavaScript renderer.


Custom Marker Shapes and Images

Custom marker shapes and images are now supported in Chart, Diagram, NBox, and Thematic Map. Support was added for Picto Chart, LED Gauge, and Rating

Gauge in the v2.0.0 release, and this feature is now available for all applicable data visualizations.                      


Bar Chart Rendering Performance

Performance has been improved for large data sets. The chart has also been enhanced to better deal with large numbers of series, especially for bar charts.

Thematic Map Automatic Marker Sizing

Thematic Map now supports automatic sizing of markers whose relative size is specified through the new value property.

This is similar to the support in bubble charts, making it much easier to configure markers for responsive layouts.


NBox Custom Count Labels

A custom count label can now be specified for each NBox cell, allowing the application to display total number and percentage of markers in the cell, which is especially useful for overflow cases.


Other Enhancements                    
  • Chart: Tooltip and converter support has been added to the donut chart center label
  • Tag Cloud: A color attribute is now supported on tag cloud items, providing a convenience API that is consistent with data items in other components.
  • Thematic Map: Thematic Map tooltips can now be customized for regions that aren't associated with data.


Overview and best practices for Data Visualizations in JET is provided in the JET Data Visualizations FAQ.