In March of 2016 a small band of Oracle ACE Directors created a challenge for themselves: to integrate ten Oracle Cloud services into a system that would allow Twitter users to nominate and vote for the musical performers they wanted to appear at a concert. The truly challenging part of that challenge was that these ACE Directors would build this system in one hour, and do it live in front of an audience at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum in Valencia, Spain.


And that’s exactly what they did.


In this program three members of that team talk about that project, about the evolution of the cloud services involved, and about the 8-part technical article series they wrote about the project (See Soaring Through the Clouds in Additional Resources, below).

This program was recorded on February 27, 2017.

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The Panelists




Lonneke Dikmans

Oracle ACE Director; Chief Product Officer, eProseed, Netherlands


Lucas Jellema

Oracle ACE Director; CTO, AMIS Services, Netherlands


Mark Simpson

Oracle ACE Director; Consultancy Director, Griffiths Waite , UK


Additional Resources


Coming Soon


The panel for this podcast was to include Arun Pareek and Matt Wright, whose prize-winning entry in an Oracle Cloud hackathon in Australia involved the integration of nine different Oracle Cloud services. Sadly, last-minute schedule conflicts got in the way. But no worries! Arun and Matt will be featured in their own podcast, available on April 12, 2017.