The day has finally arrived.  It's time to wrangle the best profile pictures, and que the video clips...





The YesSQL Celebration is just hours away here at Oracle OpenWorld.  Steven Feuerstein and Andy Mendelsohn will present the winners of the Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards. Some of our winners are actually here to join in the celebration.  Each category has many finalists --and as Stephen remarks often, Everyone Is A Winner.


The top 3 finalists in each category (based on number of votes) will receive a trophy and several perks including being featured in an upcoming article in Oracle Magazine, plus interviews and promotions throughout the OTN  community.


And speaking of votes, Todd Trichler reports we had "Over 46 Hundred votes cast by Developers during the Oracle Database Developers Choice Awards."

We also had 3 bug fixes (Thanks for the code fixes from Kris Rice and Jeff Smith) and several "reports and analysis" of the voting (thanks Tim Hall and Kim Berg Hansen).


It's been a great program.

And OTN was glad to sponsor it for the Developer Community.



Laura Ramsey, OTN DB Community Manager

Laura Ramsey-Oracle