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PMIS position

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Upcoming position for

San Diego County Regional Airport Sr Development Analyst and Application Development analyst  PMWEB or PMIS

If interested please add an interest card to this website for each position.



No relocation sorry

Hi All,


This is a friendly warning to all Unifier users who waited so patiently for the "Multiple Concurrent Pay App" functionality from Oracle. Oracle have delivered it, but it will surely cause you much pain and suffering if you dare to use it.  Whats worse is, Oracle acknowledge the business case led argument, but refuse to accept that their functionality, as delivered, is fundamentally flawed, and refuse to address the issue. We, therefore have to go back to waiting patiently for Oracle to fix the issue and deliver on their promises - but then again, we seem to do a lot of this, and are continually disappointed.


So, herewith fair warning.


If you have multiple concurrent pay apps or change commits running, be warned that on 'termination' of any one of these, the values as set by the creator on all the remaining 'pending' pay apps or change commits are OVERWRITTEN by the system - i.e. reset to the most recently applied SOV values. Watch out for this as it can result in Pay Apps post-approval being increased in value, or change commits, post-approval having values altered.  This fundamentally violates the principal or workflow based approval process, which simply cannot accept a change to values in the BP without forced re-approval.


I will offer up an example in illustration:


We contract reimbursement of fuel costs with our construction contractors.  At the time of contracting an estimate price for fuel is used e.g. R12.50 per liter .  On a month by month basis the contractor claims liters consumed, but at the prevailing price for fuel in that month. So in month 1 that might be 12.43 and in month 2 perhaps 12.58 and in month 3 perhaps 12.32 etc. So Pay App line items are created accordingly, with price adjusted from the base SOV value.  And here's the rub - if you have 2 or more pay apps running .with pricing 'altered' from that on the SOV, then on 'termination' of any one SOV impacted BP, the price for that fuel item on all the remaining 'pending' pay apps or change commits is reset to the price on the most recently 'terminated' pay app.


I hope I save at least someone from the chaos this has caused on our projects.


Yours, eternally frustrated with Oracle.


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AVAA0 2249-3

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This Error AVAA0 2249-3 already happened to anyone ? I Need your Help , I Can not Access the PRIMAVERA .

I have spent quite some time to find out what was causing AVAA0-3794-E error. I dint find solution or any reference to the error in Knowledge base. However the solution was simple - to grant user with modify rights of all Primavera folders on C drive:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Primavera Common

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java

C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Primavera P6\Project Management

especially to PM.ini file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Primavera P6\Project Management


Hope this help to someone save time on researching.