The December 2017 release of Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) introduces new tools for Project administration and migration, Agile tools, and new Deployment options.


Project Import & Export


DevCS Project data can now be exported to and imported from Storage Cloud Service. This can be particularly useful to backup Project data or to migrate a project to a new environment.


Kanban Boards


When working with Agile Boards, you can now choose between Scrum and Kanban style of Backlog and Active Issue management.




Java EE Deployment for Application Container Cloud Service


Support for Java EE application deployment has been added for Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS) integration. This new deployment type can be used in new Deployment Configurations and within Build jobs.




Improved UX from Code Tab


A number of UX improvements have been added to the Code and Merge Request features.


Easier to navigate GIT Commit History


Git Repositories with a long Commit history are now easier to navigate in the Logs View.  Faster navigation to individual changed files and diffs have also been added to each Commit event.




Commit History in branch Tree View


The Commit history for a branch or repository can now switch more quickly between the List and Tree views.




Create Merge Requests from Compare diffs


When comparing Commits between branches in the Code tab, you can now create new Merge Requests based on the current Compare view.




As always, for information on these features and the rest of the features in this release, checkout the What’s New page.