As we've shown in a previous blog entry that Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service is able to add REST services that were created using Oracle ADF as a source of data.

In the video below you'll see how you can use this approach to get data from Oracle HCM and build an Oracle ABCS application with ease.

Oracle HCM publishes a set of REST interfaces - which are built on Oracle ADF - so integration is straight forward.


Once you add the service to ABCS, you can use it as a base for pages, including leveraging the built-in support for advanced query capabilities.

In the demo below we are building a simple application that let us track the cars of the various employees - something that can be used by the guards at our facility for example.

We use a REST service to get a list of the employees, and then create a custom ABCS business object that tracks the details of a car associated with a specific employees.


Check it out: