Over the weekend we rolled out a new cloud service — Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. Those who’ll check out the demo videos will see a lot of resemblance to Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service, which makes sense since VBCS is just a rename of ABCS.


The reason we renamed the service is that we believe the new name better reflects the unique features of this service in the landscape of application building in general and at Oracle specifically. Oracle has a lot of cloud services that deal with the application development space — but the unique thing to ABCS has always been the visual way you would go about creating your application, business services, and even your business logic.

This is why we chose to have VISUAL as part of the service name.



At this stage this is just a pure rename, and beyond the banner of the product you won’t see any changes in functionality. But we are planning to add many more features and capabilities in upcoming release to help make app development simpler and to further extend the types of apps you can build with the service.

We took the rename opportunity to update our getting started demos on our youtube channel to reflect the latest product UI which has changed quite a bit over the past year.


We are also moving our team to blog on the new Medium platform — and you should be able to follow us looking for the “VBCS” tag.

One thing that didn’t change is the fact that you can still get a free trial and experience the product on your own. So go ahead give the new Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service a spin, and let us know if you have any questions on the VBCS community.