It's not often you get to meet a Java Rockstar, but I have been fortunate to meet Sebastian Daschner. For those of you on the Java scene you probably already know him. I saw him perform at the JavaOne Community Keynote in 2017 in San Francisco and then see him give the keynote at several Oracle Code events. He's an avid biker and a person of many talents as he performed on the Matrix theme either Neo or was it Morpheus?  Either way he did an amazing Bullet time demo.

Fast forward to the rebranded CodeOne event which takes place on Oct 22-25th and Sebastian is going all out there. He has four presentations:


  1. DEV5966        Bulletproof Java Enterprise Applications for the Hard Production Life
  2. DEV5967        Cloud Native, Service-Meshed Java Enterprise with Istio
  3. DEV5969        Seven Principles of Productive Software Developers
  4. DEV5960        Zero-Downtime Java Enterprise Applications with Kubernetes

If you plan to attend OpenWorld 2018/CodeOne 2018, check them out. Here is an interview I did with him to get a preview.