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Java Champion Briefing 2018.001.jpeg

Java Champions have had an incredibly busy 2018. They have supported their communities by giving over 1400 talks at conferences and user group meetings in over 60 countries.


The efforts of these community experts sharing their knowledge around the would influence countless others, professional engineers and students new to the craft to think in new ways, apply new solutions to problems and enhance, not only the commerce of the organizations they work for but also their own professional growth.


We have also welcomed 30 new Java Champions to the program in 2018, including new members from countries as diverse as Japan, India, South Africa, and New Zealand.

  • Alberto Salazar
  • Alex Theedom
  • Bethan Palmer
  • Christoph Engelbert
  • Claus Ibsen
  • Daniel Bryant
  • Donald Raab
  • Ivan St. Ivanov
  • Jean-Francois Arcand
  • Jim Manico
  • Jonathan Giles
  • Jose Diaz
  • Julien Dubois
  • Ken Fogel
  • Mala Gupta
  • Mani Sarkar
  • Michael Hunger
  • Michael Minella
  • Michael Simons
  • Miroslav Wengner
  • Nikhil J. Nanivadekar
  • Nitsan Wakart
  • Rafael Chinelato Del Nero
  • Rahman Usta
  • Ray Tsang
  • Roy van Rijn
  • Shin Tanimoto
  • Tomasz Nurkiewicz
  • Victor Orozco
  • Viktor Klang


The full bios of these and all other Java Champions may be found here

Information about the Java Champions Program can be found here

It’s been a great start to the year for the Java Champion program having added new members from all over the world, New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, Europe, Canada and the USA. This group of talented individuals continues to push the language and platform forward, contributing to JSRs, working on open source Java initiatives and being incredible educators and influencers in their communities. You can find their bios and those of all the other Java Champions here. We are proud to welcome these amazing technologists to the program

  • Alex Theedom Senior Training Instructor at MuleSoft
  • Christoph Engelbert DevRel at Instana, Opensource Enthusiast,
  • Daniel Bryant Independent Technical Consultant, writer, and Editor at InfoQ
  • Donald Raab Managing Director at BNY Mellon
  • Ivan St. Ivanov Senior Programmer at VIDA Software
  • Jean-François Arcand Founder and CTO Asnyc IO
  • Jim Manico Founder of Manicode Security
  • Jonathan Giles Senior Cloud Developer Advocate Microsoft
  • Julien Dubois Chief Innovation Officer at Ippon Technologies
  • Koichi Sakata Software engineer PONOS Corporation
  • Mani Sarkar Polyglot dev, Software Craftsman, speaker, Blogger, dev. communities
  • Michael Minella Senior Manager - Spring Engineering at Pivotal Inc
  • Michael Simons Software Engineer at Neo4j
  • Nikhil J. Nanivadekar Vice President at Goldman Sachs
  • Rahman Usta Senior Software developer Luxoft
  • Ray Tsang Staff Developer Advocate Google
  • Shin Tanimoto Technical Consultant Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tomasz Nurkiewicz Senior Software Engineer Allegro

Interview with Eberhard Wolff -


Simon Maple Blog - JVM Options Cheat Sheet -


Java Champions' Articles in Java Magazine -  Nov/Dec 2016 issue -

Mert Caliskan -- What's new in JUnit 5?            

Mert Caliskan -- Running JUnit 5 with JUnit 4   

Martijn Verburg -- Adopting a JSR                       

This week we have several Java Champion Blogs to take a look at.  See below -


Anton Arhipov Blog - List of articles that he’s found particularly interesting


Gerrit Grunwald Blog- Medusa Sparkline Skin


Henri Tremblay Blog - Future Behavior Through Time


José Paumard Blog- Optional Patterns


Sebastian Daschner Blog - Java EE — the most lightweight enterprise framework?

Before we get into the great Java Champion content I'd like to say thank you to our Java Champions for their contributions to the community.  Here are a few JC posts from this week a bit early since tomorrow and Friday are a holiday : ). 


Gerrit Grunwald - WorldMap Cosmetics  -


Sebastian Daschner - Video Course - REST as in Hypermedia with Java -

No real theme this week...just good content from Java Champion's.  Enjoy!


Dr. Heinz - JVM Flags Bread Crumbs video


Hendrik Ebbers -


Sebastian Daschner - Blog Post -  How to be productive (as a developer)


José Paumard - YouTube playlist recently updated with his talks from Devoxx BE - In english and In french


Java Champions Insights from Devoxx BE - 15 interviews playlist

credit of image to @arungupta



The theme for this week looks to be Devoxx and Women in Technology.


Java Champions led and were featured in this years Devoxx Belgium closing keynote watch here.


Trisha Gee, latest blog post - What Can Men Do  - So, I wrote a long email to the London Java Community in answer to an excellent question: “What can men do to support Women in Technology?”. It’s a bit of a brain dump, by no means comprehensive, and is in answer to a specific question in a specific context, but I’ve been asked to make the information public so it can be useful in a broader context. So here it is.


Peter Lawrey shared a list of ~50 female IT experts he thinks are worth following on Twitter -

Every Friday we will post the latest and greatest articles, blog pots etc. from Java Champions. Enjoy!


Dr Heinz M. Kabutz Contribution -


  • Articles -
    • java.util.Optional - Short Tutorial By Example - Abstract: Java 8 introduced the java.util.Optional class, based on the famous Guava class by the same name. It was said that we should hardly ever call get(). In this newsletter we offer a short tutorial that demonstrates coding examples of alternatives to get().
    • Sorting Lists - Abstract: List has a new method sort(Comparator). This is handy, as it allows implementations to specialize how to sort their internal data structures. Vector only synchronizes once per list, not once per element. ArrayList avoids copying the array unnecessarily. CopyOnWriteArrayList works.
  • Newsletters -
    • Concurrency Puzzle - System.arraycopy() - Abstract: "Friends don't let friends write low-level concurrency by themselves."
    • Concurrency Puzzle Helpful Hints - Abstract: In the previous newsletter, we sent out a threading puzzle for you to solve. Here are some hints to help you figure out what is going on.
    • Concurrency Puzzle Explained, Solved With StampedLock - Most programmers had a blind spot with the statement "arr[size++] = e;" We somehow think that size will be updated after the assignment. In this newsletter we look at this basic concurrency bug and also present a solution in the form of the Java 8 StampedLock.


Henri Tremblay Contribution -