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Java Champions

2 Posts authored by: VincentMayers-Oracle

Java Champion Briefing 2018.001.jpeg

Java Champions have had an incredibly busy 2018. They have supported their communities by giving over 1400 talks at conferences and user group meetings in over 60 countries.


The efforts of these community experts sharing their knowledge around the would influence countless others, professional engineers and students new to the craft to think in new ways, apply new solutions to problems and enhance, not only the commerce of the organizations they work for but also their own professional growth.


We have also welcomed 30 new Java Champions to the program in 2018, including new members from countries as diverse as Japan, India, South Africa, and New Zealand.

  • Alberto Salazar
  • Alex Theedom
  • Bethan Palmer
  • Christoph Engelbert
  • Claus Ibsen
  • Daniel Bryant
  • Donald Raab
  • Ivan St. Ivanov
  • Jean-Francois Arcand
  • Jim Manico
  • Jonathan Giles
  • Jose Diaz
  • Julien Dubois
  • Ken Fogel
  • Mala Gupta
  • Mani Sarkar
  • Michael Hunger
  • Michael Minella
  • Michael Simons
  • Miroslav Wengner
  • Nikhil J. Nanivadekar
  • Nitsan Wakart
  • Rafael Chinelato Del Nero
  • Rahman Usta
  • Ray Tsang
  • Roy van Rijn
  • Shin Tanimoto
  • Tomasz Nurkiewicz
  • Victor Orozco
  • Viktor Klang


The full bios of these and all other Java Champions may be found here

Information about the Java Champions Program can be found here

It’s been a great start to the year for the Java Champion program having added new members from all over the world, New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, Europe, Canada and the USA. This group of talented individuals continues to push the language and platform forward, contributing to JSRs, working on open source Java initiatives and being incredible educators and influencers in their communities. You can find their bios and those of all the other Java Champions here. We are proud to welcome these amazing technologists to the program

  • Alex Theedom Senior Training Instructor at MuleSoft
  • Christoph Engelbert DevRel at Instana, Opensource Enthusiast,
  • Daniel Bryant Independent Technical Consultant, writer, and Editor at InfoQ
  • Donald Raab Managing Director at BNY Mellon
  • Ivan St. Ivanov Senior Programmer at VIDA Software
  • Jean-François Arcand Founder and CTO Asnyc IO
  • Jim Manico Founder of Manicode Security
  • Jonathan Giles Senior Cloud Developer Advocate Microsoft
  • Julien Dubois Chief Innovation Officer at Ippon Technologies
  • Koichi Sakata Software engineer PONOS Corporation
  • Mani Sarkar Polyglot dev, Software Craftsman, speaker, Blogger, dev. communities
  • Michael Minella Senior Manager - Spring Engineering at Pivotal Inc
  • Michael Simons Software Engineer at Neo4j
  • Nikhil J. Nanivadekar Vice President at Goldman Sachs
  • Rahman Usta Senior Software developer Luxoft
  • Ray Tsang Staff Developer Advocate Google
  • Shin Tanimoto Technical Consultant Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tomasz Nurkiewicz Senior Software Engineer Allegro