Software architecture never stands still. As the leading edge of the evolution of software architecture brings us microservices, increases the role of APIs, and even elevates JavaScript to first class citizenship among programming languages, the trailing edge reminds us of the ongoing need to feed the legacy dinosaur.


This program features a panel comprised of founding members of the Open Modern Enterprise Software Architecture group, otherwise known as OMESA. The group was born out of conversations at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, and now dedicates itself to exploring and understanding how modern software architecture can be made to serve the evolving needs of today’s enterprises.


Guest Producer credit for this program goes to Oracle ACE Director Luis Weir, who suggested the topic and selected the panelists.


This program was recorded on November 2, 2016.

The Panelists


Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco

Principal SOA Architect, Co-owner, S and P Solutions, Mexico


Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema

Chief Technical Officer, AMIS Services, Netherlands


Oracle ACE Director Ronald van Luttikhuizen

Managing Partner, eProseed, Netherlands


Oracle ACE Director Danilo Schmiedel

Solution Architect, Opitz Consulting, Germany


Oracle ACE Director Mark Simpson

Consultancy Director, Griffiths-Waite, UK


Oracle ACE Director Luis Weir

Principal, Capgemini, UK


Oracle ACE Director Torsten Winterberg

Director of Business Development and Innovation, Opitz Consulting, Germany.

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