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Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service makes it very easy to create a parent/child relationship between two objects - in fact it can create this relationship for you automatically when you drop a new table on the edit or details page of another object.

However, when such a relationship is created the child object "belongs" to the parent object - and is not accessible as a "stand-alone" object.


If you want to have the ability to create pages that directly access the child object on its own, then you should create the relationship between the two objects with a reference field.

The video below shows you how to do this and the difference between the solutions:


Oracle ADF is a popular development framework for building Java based applications, it especially excels in building applications that work with databases.

Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service has a special features that enables you to quickly incorporate REST services exposed by the Oracle ADF Business Components layer as objects in ABCS.

In the video/blog below you can see the full process of doing this.

This is a great easy way to get access to data from external databases into and Oracle ABCS application.