One of the key new features added in the February release of Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service is support for business rules.

These are business logic pieces that you can associate with your custom business objects.

ABCS now supports the ability to define:

  • Triggers that will execute on specific events related to your business components (for example when a value in a record is being updated) - you visually define the conditions and actions that will be executed in those events. As you'll see in the video demo below - you can define the whole logic in an easy visual way. For the more advanced developers - we also enable you to write groovy scripts that define more complex logic.
  • Validators - these are checks that can be associated to specific fields or to objects and can verify their validity. Using expressions you can check for example if a combination of values in fields in a record is valid, and notify the user if there is an error. (For example - only managers can have a salary bigger than 100).


Check out the video below for examples of how you can use these features:


By the way, currently this functionality is in controlled availability and won't show up by default in your trial accounts.

Contact your accounts team if you require this for your production instances.