There will be a community release this weekend, with no outage or read-only mode expected. This release will include, at long last, the shrinking of the giant banners across OTN, Topliners, and our internal community per Smaller Forum Banners. The new smaller artwork will need to be put into place manually, so you may see some look and feel issues for a couple of days. We'll let you know when we think we're done and you can let us know if we missed anything.


One important note: we are working on improving search accuracy and speed, and part of this will be a rebuilding of our search index. We expect this to take up to 8-9 hours, starting at approximately 21:00 Friday Pacific (05:00 Saturday UTC). During that time period, search will not work as expected. Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience -- you should see an improvement in search performance when we're done.