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We want to give the level numbers a makeover! Take a look at the options and vote for your favorite choice in our new poll!


New level numbers

** indicates updates since the last thread, Known issues, 4/22/16

We are in testing with the upgrade and can confirm some planned fixes, noted below.

  • Actions are not working (users receive notifications but cannot view actions) [This is an intermittent issue, and being investigated.]
  • Issue with editor toolbar and other content getting trapped behind the forum header [Fixed in the upgrade]**
  • Me in 3 is not working [This is due to a required security change; a fix is being tested for this but still a ways away]
  • "Skill endorsement removed" message still being shown to users [Under investigation]
  • Correct Answers are marked but are not displaying properly. [Reports and updates in this thread: correct answer are not showing by attaching in the main post]
  • Links for Latest Acclaims (likes) work for replies of discussions, but not for comments on documents. [Fixed in the upgrade]**
  • Editor toolbar is not sticky. [Fixed in the upgrade]**
  • Cannot view posting as a pdf [Fixed in the upgrade]**
  • Issues with inbox counter not being accurate [Logging in and logging out will often fix this]
  • Crashes when using Safari with iOS 7.1.1 on iPad  (and other general iOS issues) [Upgrade will be tested with Safari]
  • Settings allowing users to branch posts and delete posts and replies [We will need to customize this to preserve mod and admin permissions.]
  • Remaining editor errors per List of forum editor issues and bugs [Cases opened for bugs, but we are now looking at building a custom code editor; some bugs e.g. sticky toolbar fixed with upgrade]**
  • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.**  [Still exists in upgrade, case filed; in the meantime contact an admin or mod to remove the slash]