Thank you all for your updates and comments in the July 30 upgrade bug reports and feedback thread. There is now a New thread for July 30 upgrade bug reports and feedback and comments on this blog post are closed. Please report any issues in the linked thread.


Last Friday, the following fixes were rolled out:

  • Me in 3 is now fixed
  • The Helpful button was removed from Inbox
  • Mobile functionality was improved (but not completely fixed)
  • Vote history for Ideas is now hidden
  • Group icon in "Your Places" is now the new purple circle
  • Speaker profile fields are now displaying (they were hidden)


Also fixed:

  • Content view does not work in Idea spaces or on profiles


The following known issues remain:

Note I am not listing enhancement requests or issues that need clarification. For enhancement requests, please post an Idea or vote on an existing Idea in Oracle Community Ideas. For clarifications or for anything that you think should not have dropped off this list, please post in the new bug report thread here: New thread for July 30 upgrade bug reports and feedback


  • Helpful Button - Appearing on content other than questions. Because of this issue, points for Helpful have been lowered to 5 in OTN spaces and Mark As Helpful mission has been disabled.
  • Also regarding Helpful, to get Helpful star and other visual cues, you need to reload the thread
  • Issues with mobile functionality and navigation still remain. We are working on incremental fixes.
  • Round avatars showing for some users -- this may be an Internet Explorer issue. This is a low priority at this time. [ BluShadow - confirmed ok in Chrome from same computer, agree IE issue ]
  • Editing "Your View" fades the left menu but clicking other menu option leaves it faded
  • Reputation entries in profile no longer give links to the related content, or link to wrong posts
  • "Post" button does not become re-enabled if you try to make a second post within 30 seconds
  • Multiple Profile hovering can show the pop-up display with incorrect details
  • High Contrast Colour Scheme is barely readable
  • "End of New Updates" appears above "Load More Items" when there are still more new updates
  • Social group administrators -- default theme that differs from group theme creates issues, especially if Java theme is default -- the workaround is to change your default theme to OTN/global
  • Space admins -- widget editing issues under investigation
  • "Latest Reply" link not always going to latest reply
  • "Recently Completed By" on missions, not always showing
  • Duplicate thread listing on content Overview page when "more" clicked
  • Actions are not working

  • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.

  • "You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.

  • There are sporadic issues with the images in image carousels (especially when logged out)
  • Count for some Ideas doesn't make sense: Unusual (to me) behaviour in ideas space
  • Horizontal scrollbar being shown unnecessarily
  • Moderator queue is showing +2
  • Zooming the browser with the search box open doesn't zoom correct, nor keep the search box fully on the screen (IE and Chrome reported so far)
  • The search button in the top right side of idea space is not working. (Also not searching when pressing enter.)
  • Social group invites are not working
  • Padding/Margin disappearing from left side during some actions (such as replying)
  • Font sizes are inconsistent in "Content" view of spaces
  • Thread with replies, showing no replies until replied to it
  • Inbox content not refreshing with new content periodically
  • Editor crashing when copy/pasting text
  • Threaded view becomes unreadable after a large number of replies


Please report if this is still happening:

  • Space Leaderboards showing Global Leaderboard instead -- please report any instances of this so we can fix it
  • Connection Stream number of updates disappeared
  • "Mark All Read" dialog causing message counter issues (seems to be fixed)