Hi all,


I wanted to provide an update for you on how the fixes are going for some of the issues you're seeing. As you may have seen in Sarah's last blog post, the main issue is a Javascript conflict that is affecting many types of functionality, including the search widget, the ability to edit pages (for space and group admins), the ability to invite users to groups, and other weird issues.  Sometimes changing browsers or (in groups) changing the group theme can provide a workaround, but it is certainly frustrating. We apologize for the frustration!


The good news is, a fix for this is currently being tested and we plan to roll it out next Friday.  We will also be fixing the incorrect counter on the moderation queue (which only affects mods and admins but believe me is annoying) and improving the Helpful mechanism and removing the ability to mark Helpful on non-question content. Once we do more complete testing on how gamification is impacted, I'll let you know if the points for Helpful will be adjusted at the same time.


More info to come over the next week, but I wanted to give everyone the latest in the meantime.