We are rolling out some minor fixes this evening; unfortunately, one issue we have not yet been able to resolve is the inbox issue. It is tied to one of our plugins and the fix is more complex than we had hoped. I will get a timeframe for that fix as soon as I can and keep you posted. Note there is no downtime expected for tonight's patching.


Fixes rolling out:

  • Search icon will be made more visible (gray instead of white)
  • Edit Profile page link to edit your Display Name will go directly to edit mode of profile
  • Some incremental fixes are rolling out for mobile, especially in MOSC
  • Hyperlinks will be made more prominent (see Make links look like links.)
  • OUGC header will now take users to OUGC homepage rather than Welcome page
  • "Null" appearing in "add a skill" dialogue will be fixed
  • "Report Abuse" will now have a "Wrong Place" option so you can report content in the wrong place (in the future we will change this to "Report Content" so it is a bit more accurate)
  • Round avatars in Internet Explorer will be fixed


Known issues remaining:

  • Inbox does not always load messages when they are clicked on
  • Ranking (on reputation page) is broken
  • Helpful can still be marked in some instances by people other than the OP, and points for Helpful are still at 5 until this is resolved
  • To get Helpful star and other visual cues, you need to reload the thread
  • Issues with mobile functionality and navigation still remain. We are working on incremental fixes (some rolling out today)
  • Editing "Your View" fades the left menu but clicking other menu option leaves it faded.
  • Reputation entries in profile no longer give links to the related content, or link to wrong posts.
  • Multiple Profile hovering can show the pop-up display with incorrect details.
  • High Contrast Colour Scheme is barely readable.
  • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.
  • "You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.
  • There are sporadic issues with the images in image carousels (especially when logged out)
  • Horizontal scrollbar being shown unnecessarily.
  • Zooming the browser with the search box open doesn't zoom correct, nor keep the search box fully on the screen (IE and Chrome reported so far)
  • Editor crashing when copy/pasting text
  • In News >> Connection streams End of New Updates  appears above "Load More Items" when there are still more new updates .