Hi all,


We have another rollout of minor fixes coming out on Friday. There will be no downtime associated with this rollout. The key bugs that are being fixed are:


  1. When you are @ mentioned in a post, your inbox sometimes freezes.  Yes, we finally tracked down the cause here and have a fix! Yay!
  2. Helpful is still visible to users other than the original poster in certain places. This fix means we can increase the points for Helpful back to 50. Yay again!
  3. Only the top of the Add Reply button works. Yeah, that was a weird one. Fixed!
  4. Mobile devices can't access Overview pages and login button is missing. Note that this fix has actually broken the mega-nav in mobile. You will need to use the space trees to navigate. If you run into any spaces where the space tree is missing or you need navigation links added, please let us know. We are still working on incremental fixes to the mobile experience.
  5. Information has been added when user uploads an avatar.  In response to this popular Idea:Provide some information when uploading an avatar or profile photo.

    6.Reputation entries in profile no longer give links to the related content, or link to wrong posts. Late-breaking news: this has also been fixed!



Known issues remaining:


  • Ranking (on reputation page) is broken [This has been randomly fixing itself, let's see what happens after the release.]
  • To get Helpful star and other visual cues, you need to reload the thread
  • Issues with mobile functionality and navigation still remain. Mega-nav not working in mobile. We are working on incremental fixes.
  • Editing "Your View" fades the left menu but clicking other menu option leaves it faded.
  • Multiple Profile hovering can show the pop-up display with incorrect details.
  • High Contrast Colour Scheme is barely readable. [The team is working on this one.]
  • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.
  • "You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.
  • There are sporadic issues with the images in image carousels (especially when logged out)
  • Horizontal scrollbar being shown unnecessarily.
  • Zooming the browser with the search box open doesn't zoom correct, nor keep the search box fully on the screen (IE and Chrome reported so far)
  • Editor crashing when copy/pasting text
  • In News >> Connection streams End of New Updates  appears above "Load More Items" when there are still more new updates .
  • Actions keeps on loading .Unable to edit posts.
  • Weird mouseover behavior as described here: Weird behavior when mouse over on OP's name.
  • Recently updated thread in "Places" is missing.Community New Look'n Feel: most recent updated thread missing from the "Places" form