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Hi all,


I am creating this blog as we are getting reports repeatedly about this issue .It is also reported in  Scrolling upwards when typing a reply in editor.

This issue is a known bug and been reported to Jive as well as chrome.It is a latest version chrome bug and has to be fixed by chrome.




1)Use Advanced editor

2)Please use other browsers if it is too annoying  (We are expecting it will be fixed shortly by chrome)

3)within Chrome, after pasting anything press page up and page down like 2 times.(workaround provided by Jive)





Hi all,


How are you doing?

We dont have any bug fix as of now .

It's been a while I updated known issues in the platform .So updating the list now.

This is a static list and will be updated regularly when new bugs are reported.



Known remaining Issues


1)To get Helpful star and other visual cues, you need to reload the thread.

2)Issues with mobile functionality and navigation still remain. Mega-nav not working in mobile. We are working on incremental fixes

3)Editing "Your View" fades the left menu but clicking other menu option leaves it faded

4)If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.

5)You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.

6)Horizontal scrollbar being shown unnecessarily.

7)Zooming the browser with the search box open doesn't zoom correct, nor keep the search box fully on the screen (IE and Chrome reported so far)

8)Editor issues

  • Editor crashing when copy/pasting text.
  • While responding to quote from original syntax formatting it collapses the spaces

9)In News >> Connection streams End of New Updates appears above "Load More Items" when there are still more new updates .

10)Issue with Read&Rate mission(Topliner Mission)

11)Latest activity showing incorrectly

12)Scrolling upwards when typing a reply (In chrome browser)

13)Locked and unlocked Threads showing in latest activity without any update.

14)When you view your Missions, on every odd page, the first four missions displayed are missing the RECENTLY COMPLETED BY section.

15)Leader boards showing incorrect ranking

16)News feed shows posts with "0 replies" that actually have repliesThe @mention feature doesn't work for users with an underscore in their username

17)The @mention feature doesn't work for users with an underscore in their username


Please feel free to let me know if I have missed any bugs in the list.