We are pleased to announce that the Ravello Free Lab Service program will continue for all 2015-2017 vExperts. Every vExpert gets 1000 free hours every month on the Ravello platform to run VMware workloads and ESXi labs in the public cloud.


We know that the Ravello team has been quiet since the Oracle acquisition last year. So quiet, perhaps, you even thought that the Free Lab Service was discontinued. Not so! In fact, there has been much activity behind the scenes aimed at continuing the Free Labs offering and improving it along the way.


Back in May, we invited a small group of vExperts from the community to attend the inaugural Oracle Ravello Blogger Day Event in Redwood Shores, California. Here are a few of the blog posts that were published following this day-long event (for more blog posts and a “play by play” of this event check out #RBD1 on twitter):


Can Oracle Build a Viable Public Cloud?

Getting Nerdy on the Oracle Ravello Cloud Service

Ravello and the Oracle Cloud Journey


The Oracle Ravello team is now ready to share the latest and greatest information about the Ravello Free Labs Service for vExpert, as well as how the Oracle integration impacts and enhances the platform, with all the members of the vExpert community.


There will be a 2-hour webinar coming up on July 19 at 9:00 am PT that will deep dive into the latest Ravello update, Oracle IaaS and some exciting upcoming new offerings as well. (hint: Oracle Cloud)


You can register for this event here.


Do you need a little refresher on the vExpert Free Lab service? Check out this guide to get you started: Non-dummies guide to nested ESXi labs on Ravello.


Thanks to everyone who has written a blog post or put up a Ravello badge on their blog in the past. The community was great in helping people get started and giving feedback to the product team. We hope to keep a close relationship with the vExpert community in the future.


Have any questions about the vExpert Free Lab service or anything else Oracle Ravello related? Don’t hesitate to post them in the discussion forum.