VMware Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) and OEM partners need development and test lab environments to build complementary products for backup, replication, disaster recovery, networking, monitoring and more. However, building out labs in existing data centers is costly and inflexible. The public cloud is ideal for development and test workloads because they can be turned on and off on-demand. With Ravello, TAP and OEM partners can spin up VMware ESXi™ labs in leading clouds.

Manual testing and QA

Each test/ QA engineer can get access to their own isolated ESXi environment for testing. They can use the Ravello self-service portal and spin up an environment on demand in 5 minutes, and tear it down when done. Test environments could range from simple functional tests to complex customer representative deployments.

Automated testing and CI

ISVs using continuous integration need a lot of environments for testing in parallel. The moment a developer checks in code, Jenkins (or any other CI server) asks Ravello to spin up a number of ESXi environments in parallel in the cloud, runs a battery of automated tests, returns the results and then shuts down the environments.

Scale testing

TAP partners often need to test their products in large scale ESXi environments to ensure that it works for the largest customer deployments. This gets very expensive and nearly impossible, if it has to be done in their data centers. Instead, ISVs can now spin up large scale ESXi environments in leading clouds and pay by the hour. For example, a 500 node ESXi environment would cost ~ $530/hr.


Often, developers have a challenging time reproducing bugs or problems in an environment as reported by QA. This gets even more difficult in complex environments like ESXi. With Ravello, the QA/ testing team can snapshot entire ESXi environments, and simply send a link to engineering. Developers can then easily recreate and fix problems - improving the collaboration between development and QA.

Low cost: starting at $0.14/ hr for 2 vCPU/ 4GB RAM chunks

Data center based development and test labs are expensive and are typically used only during work hours. It is not uncommon to see less than 20% utilization of dev/test hardware. With Ravello, TAP partners/ ISVs can spin up environments on demand and pay only for what they use - giving them more flexibility and scalability with a much lower cost structure.




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