VMware Technology Alliance Partners (TAP), Solutions Providers and Reseller Partners need demo environments to showcase their software interoperating with VMware ESXi™. These partners also need to provide custom PoC environments for customers for evaluation and trials. Data center based hardware labs for demos and PoCs are expensive, cumbersome to manage and not nearly flexible enough.

VMware ESXi based sales demos environments on leading clouds

Typically, sales/ systems engineers travel around with large, heavy laptops running nested VMware ESXi in order to do demos for their enterprise customers. In some cases, ISVs maintain a centralized demo lab for their SEs as well as channel partner SEs. Both these approaches have severe drawbacks - demos are not consistent across SEs, it is difficult to demonstrate complete/ complex ESXi scenarios, and it is extremely difficult to manage.

With Ravello, product experts like Technical Marketing Engineers (TMEs) and subject matter expert SEs can create a blueprint of their environment and share it with every systems engineer. Now every SE and partner SE can spin up an identical ESXi environment, on-demand for customer demos in 5 minutes. SEs can also customize this environment for specific customer scenarios. Demo environments can be run on any leading cloud region worldwide and the ISV pays only for usage.



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