Some of you may have VMware ESXi™ labs at home. However, if you are like most people with a limited budget, then your meagre hardware setup is holding you back. Everything changes with Ravello - you can now run your VMware ESXi home lab on leading clouds on-demand.

Lack of hardware is holding back VMware ESXi home labs

Say, you want to test some new ESXi/ VSAN functionality for real, with multiple hosts and you don’t have 8 or 16 servers lying around because that would break the bank and/or make your spouse very unhappy with the cluster clutter. Or say you want to play with your own ESXi/ NSX setup, and really figure out what VMware means by SDN or SDDC but don’t have the hardware. In other words, if you only had more hardware, you could be a virtualization guru and really impress your bosses at work.

Low cost ESXi labs on leading clouds


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