Ravello is an overlay cloud service on top of public clouds that enables the VMware ecosystem to spin up ESXi environments for development and testing, demos, PoCs, and training

Development and test

ISVs and SIs can spin up full environments on demand in public clouds for manual, automated and scale testing. Enterprises can create replicas of their data center for upgrade testing and PoCs.

Sales enablement

Complete ESXi environments for VMware technology partners and resellers for full fledged, powerful sales demos and customer PoCs without any dependency on data center hardware


Multinode ESXi environments on demand in any region North America, Europe, Asia and Australia for instructor led classroom or virtual training, and self paced hands on labs.

Home Labs

Extend VMware ESXi home labs to the public cloud for additional capacity. Learn VMware and partner products through practice. Snapshot entire environments and turn on/off on demand.