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We are excited to launch a monthly Ravello vExpert community call. This will bring together a community of vExperts to share their Ravello experiences, use cases and interesting projects on Ravello. The first community call is on Tue Jan 23rd @ 12pm Pacific.


We launched a free lab service for all current vExperts in June 2015, and today more than half of vExperts from around the world are using Ravello. Many vExperts have shared their experiences and written up tutorials on how to set up different lab environments on Ravello. You can find some of the recent articles here.


In our first meeting, the Oracle Ravello team will cover the latest Ravello enhancements, including the ability for vExperts to deploy their ESXi lab environments directly on bare-metal server. Alastair Cooke will be our very first guest speaker. Alastair will talk about last month’s Build Day Live event, when he visited the Ravello office, and interviewed some of the developers there.


** The recording and slides from the community calls are here


We hope to talk to you there!


Oracle Ravello team