Congratulations and welcome to the new class of 2018 VMware vExperts! We would like to extend our offer of the Oracle Ravello Free Lab Service for vExperts to the all the new and returning IT pros within the vExpert community.


The vExpert Program has consistently been a hallmark for IT and tech pros who contribute the most to the community around VMware, IT infrastructure, and cloud. Whenever a group of vExperts gets together, the room is always buzzing with excitement and technical conversation. To be named a vExpert is a significant honor and reflects both your significant investment of time and your generosity in helping others by sharing your expertise.


Since 2014, the Ravello team has been proud to support the vExpert community by providing a free offering of its cloud platform, the Free Lab Service for vExperts. Oracle Ravello allows you to seamlessly deploy your VMware workloads on the public cloud — Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, and GCP — as is, without any modification to the VMs, network, or storage.  vExperts have used the Ravello service to build out vSphere-based labs for study, run test and dev workloads moved directly from their data center, and to explore running even tier-one apps in the cloud.


To sign up for the free vExpert service, simply fill out [] .


All vExperts are also welcome to join our monthly vExpert Community Calls. The next call is on Tuesday, March 27 at noon PST. This month David Owen (@vMackem) will step through setting up vRA/vRO on Ravello and also how its possible to integrate Ravello into vRO and create Ravello end user vRA services.. To register, please click here .


Besides the vExpert Community Space, you can also follow us @ravellosystems on Twitter for the latest updates.


Congratulations once again to the new and returning vExperts, and welcome to our community as well.



Simon Law

Principal Product Manager

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service