The Ravello team has been engaged with the vExpert Community for many years, even prior to our acquisition by Oracle. We've gotten to know many of the vExperts during this time. As our team has changed and this community has grown, we found that many of our team members don't know the vExperts as well as they once did.


Earlier this summer we decided to launch a program called Spotlight Interviews. This interview program has created an opportunity for us to speak one-on-one with our community members and share what we have learned about them both internally with the Oracle teams and externally with all of you.


We will be spotlighting a number of vExperts, once or twice a month, throughout the remainder of this year. We hope that you enjoy getting to know your fellow community members as much as we are! If you are interested in being spotlighted on our community blog, please contact Amy White to schedule.


Thank you for being part of our community. We look forward to getting to know many more of you better as we move through this year and beyond.



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DateSpotlight Interview - vExpert
Dec 2018Luc Dekens @LucD22
Nov 2018David Owen @vMackem
Oct 2018Luigi Danakos @NerdBlurt
Sep 2018Ian Sanderson @ian0x0r
Aug 2018Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ
Jul 2018Eric Wright @discoposse