Data Security is on the top of everyone's mind these days with all of these highly publicized leaks of confidential company and user information. Working across an organization with various workloads can expose your data to those evil threats lurking in the shadows just waiting for the opportunity to hijack your data at its most vulnerable moment in transit. After all, why do you think all those old western robberies happened on a moving train? The stations had security measures in place; and those safes filled with gold were just ripe for the picking on a moving train away from its well protected home and destination. Who knew that "The Great Train Robbery," a silent film from back in 1903 would be applicable to an advanced system security topic...


Having a solution that is highly scalable and protects your data while in transit seems like a no-brainer. Why not use a lightning fast train that's wrapped in more layers of duct-tape than it would take to stop a bullet and has all the door lock mechanisms filled in with super glue so you can pick them? Enter the Comprehensive Data Protection on Oracle SuperCluster.

In this article by Glenn Brunette, Software Security Architect, and Ramesh Nagappan, Senior Principle Software Engineer, they describes how Oracle SuperCluster provides a fantastic platform for deployment of enterprise-scale applications and database workloads and multitenant private cloud services by protecting information while at rest, in use, and in transit.


See: Comprehensive Data Protection on Oracle SuperCluster

Logan Rosenstein-Oracle