O_Solaris_11_trans.pngIn the latest article Automated Application Development and Deployment with DevOps on Oracle Solaris 11 by Glynn Foster-Oracle, Oracle Solaris Principle Product Manager,  you learn how you can move to a more agile process of development and deployment using Jenkins, Git, Maven, IPS and Puppet.


"One of the biggest buzzwords of the IT industry today is DevOps. DevOps is a term that was coined to describe a software development process that focuses on collaboration and automation, merging the traditional silos of development, quality assurance, and operations. DevOps covers the entire application delivery pipeline, enabling organizations to rapidly develop applications, continuously deploy them, and incorporate feedback back into the development cycle faster. This often means faster development cycles, reduced risk through incremental changes, and the ability to test these changes with a "fail faster" mentality. Using the DevOps approach, operations are typically programmable and automated on standardized platforms, and driven from an application-centric view.


By far the biggest hurdle in moving to a DevOps model is the organizational changes required: aligning people from different departments and establishing a clear understanding for a new development process—whether that's managing particular tasks through Scrum or Kanban methodologies, instilling an agile set of values, or some other practice that suits an organization. This article focuses on the required tooling and how you can chain different technologies together to provide more-agile application delivery.


There is no single correct way with DevOps, and there are many different technologies that can achieve very similar results. The intent of this article is to show that Oracle Solaris 11 is an equally capable platform for achieving this business agility, without compromising the fundamental enterprise-proven architectures of a more traditional approach. Let's begin our journey by taking a look at Jenkins...." [Click Here to Read More]


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