ErrorMessages.gifIn this weeks Throwback Thursday post, I wanted to revisit a popular article posted last year by Mike  Cuppett on How Error Messages Found in Network Packets Revealed the Root Cause of Slow Screen Refreshes. With a title like that, its really hard to guess what its about.... I'm kidding. Its a great how-to post that shows the thought process and methods used to investigate and fix a performance issue as activity increased.


From the article:

"Several teams were recently collaborating in the hunt for opportunities  to bring stability and performance enhancements to a client's primary  application, which supports nearly US$20 billion worth of transactions  annually. The user base had grown 50 percent over the past eight months, straining  the infrastructure resources, including the newly built private cloud database platform.  The primary issue: application users reporting screen refresh times exceeding  20 seconds.

Growth always provides improvement opportunities by  revealing bottlenecks as transaction counts increase, data volume expands, and  network traffic explodes. Quickly, the teams built the "expected" list of tasks:  tune a handful of poor-performing queries; expand database memory to reduce  physical reads; shift batch job start times to decrease resource competition  during peak load, and so on...." if you want to read more, you better go to the source!:How Error Messages Found in Network Packets Revealed the Root Cause of Slow Screen Refreshes


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