11882354_10153606024419162_6060524919548862542_o.jpg      Something that amazes me to this day is the time and effort that Oracle product teams spend on making support material; like hands on labs, how-to documents, and technical blog posts. They do this with the sole purpose of providing free educational resources to their customers. Customer success is so important to these experts and it really shows in the content they create.


      That being said, USE THESE RESOURCES!!! The goal of these "Throwback Thursday" posts is to find resources that were posted in the past and have somewhat gotten buried in all the new resources that are posted almost daily.


So, here is a link to some GREAT Oracle Virtualization Hands On Labs.

Labs and resources in the above link include:

  • Hands-on-Lab: Create your own template using Oracle VM 3.3.1: Learn how to create your own Oracle VM Template for your application
  • Hands-on-Lab: Build a Private DBaaS Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Work through database as a service (DBaaS) private cloud environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle VM as the foundations.
  • Hands-on-Lab: Build a complete high-available Oracle VM Architecture: Learn the best practices of implementing and using a complete Oracle VM high-available solution.


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