cw20-boxshot-solaris11-2717543.jpgOracle Solaris 11.3 is out!


      Yesterday at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, the Solaris team announced its latest release, Oracle Solaris 11.3! This update includes full support for Security in Silicon, SQL in Silicon, Secure Live Migration, Secure Lifecycle Management, Automated Upgrades and Rollbacks, and High Availability for OpenStack!


     “With Oracle Solaris 11.3 we provide a secure cloud platform. In addition to unique security features like our immutable virtualization and time-based access control, we are using the SPARC M7 processor’s Silicon Secured Memory to helps prevent common security attacks like buffer overreads and buffer overwrites,” said Markus Flierl, vice president, Oracle Solaris Core Technology. “Leveraging hardware offload, we are making encryption affordable for data and network traffic as well as live migration across a wide range of encryption modes so customers don’t have to choose between security and performance.”... [Click here to read the official press release]


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