Using Unified Archives to Deploy Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster on Oracle Solaris 11.2


For this Throwback Thursday, I found a great Hands On Lab (HOL) where you can investigate Using Unified Archives to Deploy Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster on Oracle Solaris 11.2, by Jie Shen, Lu Wang, and Yu Wang, from back in March of last year. This lab demonstrates how to use Oracle Solaris Unified Archives to speed up the process of setting up an Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster; an important skill since setting up an Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster can be a very time consuming task. Leveraging any tool in your toolbox that can speed it up is a wise thing to do.


In this lab, you will clone and deploy a VM (Oracle Solaris non-global zone) from an existing VM with Oracle WebLogic Server installed, and you will add the new virtual machine to the Oracle WebLogic Server cluster.


When this lab was made, Unified Archives was a new feature introduced in Oracle Solaris 11.2. Unified Archives unifies the archive requirements for Oracle Solaris virtual and physical environments, and enables moving to or from Oracle Solaris virtual or physical environments.


Note: Because of limitations on the length of the lab, they skipped step-by-step instructions for the Oracle Solaris and Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster installation and configuration. Please refer to following resources for more information and detailed instructions.

Hardware and Software Requirementsf2-2492484.gif

  • Memory requirement: 4 GB or more
  • Disk space requirement: 20 GB
  • Operating system: Oracle Solaris 11.2
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.1)
  • JDK 1.7.0_67

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