ukoug_logo.gifLast month, right before the holidays, I attended the UK Oracle User Group Tech15 Conference in Birmingham. It was a fantastic event with an enormous amount of sessions and talks about all things Oracle. With my OTN Banners and a rolling suitcase full of camera gear and electronics making every airport security agent from San Francisco to Frankfurt nervous, I made my way to the Birmingham ICC.


Having been my first time to this particular event, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got there. I was pleasantly surprised! The attendance was impressive and the educational materials were flowing. Experts from every niche of the Oracle world were there to present on everything from mobile cloud tools and app development, to hardware and database  how-tos, best practices, and optimization. If you are in the UK area and want to get more involved with the UKOUG, you can visit their site here:


Today, I wanted to highlight a quick tip from Tammy Bednar, Director of Product Management for the Oracle Database Appliance, on how to improve database performance by utilizing the flash cache option on the X5-2.


At the conference, I recorded a ton of video interviews and tech tips across the Oracle spectrum. Be sure to subscribe to the OTN Database YouTube Channel as well as the OTN Architect/Middleware Channel to view other videos like this one from the UKOUG Tech15 Conference.



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