Hopefully many of you saw the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Friday night. There was the speeches, flag-raising, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron,

yes the Gisele Bündchen catwalk and the parade of nations athletes. The Olympics are in playing in full force with the rush for gold.



In six weeks time, Oracle too will be having it's yearly Olympic like event, Oracle OpenWorld 2016. We will have the keynotes, presentations, and after-parties. As the Systems Community Manager, I wanted to make you aware that The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) will have an OTN Lounge at the Moscone Center. We will be recording and live-streaming CommunityCast sessions there, and this is a great opportunity for select customers/users/partners to be seen as thought leaders, to get their brand out, and have a fun engaging conversation, with yours truly and my other Community Manager peers.



Here are some common questions and answers regarding the CommunityCast:



Who is a right fit to do an interview?

Anyone with a IT, Sys Admin, Developer or related background who is knowledgeable, communicates well and can take complex subjects and present them in interesting and simple ways.



What are you looking to discuss?

Subjects that relate to and  overlap of Oracle Linux/VM, popular themes like Big Data, Security, Cloud,... and how their product, service, deployment, helps to bring new use cases or insights to a technical audience. We can discuss the talking points in a followup.



How Long will the interview be?

We book 30 min time slots, some of that time will be in doing the setup and the rest anywhere from 10-20 minutes will be for the actual interview.



When will it be?

The general timings are Sun 9/18 (1-4pm), Mon-Wed (9am-5pm) and Thur (9-2pm). The Community Cast schedule is already filling up, once we agree on a speaker and subject we can work out a mutually agreeable time based on what is available.



What's in it for me?



·         To be seen as a thought leader among your peers on a high-profile site.


·         To be recognized as a subject matter expert


·         To engage with Oracle's community of tech decision makers. Great networking opportunity!


·         To help peers learn from your lessons and take advantage of what you've learned in the process.


If you or anyone you know feel you have something to share, please feel free to reach out to your Oracle contact or me at javed.mo.mohammed@oracle.com