Welcome dear OTN Systems Hub readers to the first of many interviews that provide insights into the world of Systems. In this blog post I interview Oracle ACE Diego Aguirre,  who specializes in Systems Technologies and is a Sr. Technical Support Specialist Solaris platform based in Argentina.

Diego ACE.jpg



1. In brief can you share your SysAdmin background?


- I have worked with Solaris for more than 18 years. I was invited to join to Argentina Oracle User Group( www.aroug.org), to coordinate the section of operating systems and virtualization. Together with the Oracle people and Oracle user groups we organized events about Solaris software and hardware



2. What Systems are you responsible for (OS, Hardware, Apps?)


- I have worked with several releases of Solaris OS , like 2.6 , 7, 8, 9 10 and 11, also with obsolete hardware like e3000 , E25K and latest technology like M series m5-32 m6-32 m7. Over 90% of my job, consists in demonstrating that the OS works perfectly, the rest is installation, configuration , migration, and virtualization.



3. Do you have any go to sites you go for answers or to hang out for things relating to issues or challenges you face as a SysAdmin?


- Generally I use the How-to's of the oracle community, manuals and some blogs.



4. Do you have any preferences about articles vs video vs forums vs blogs and what you go to them for?

- I like the blogs that explain and include some pictures when they need it.  In respect to videos, I liked the videos from OTN, Rick Ramsey interviews with Solaris engineers, or people in direct contact with processor , servers.



5. Are there any rules you live by as a SysAdmin?


- I am lucky to integrate with a working group of professionals. So we analyze and investigate each situation and we discuss. We  have a rule that we don't implement solutions without being previously tested by us. Keep reading manuals as we did years ago, before the Internet 



6. What is the most frustrating thing about being a SysAdmin?

- For me, the most frustrating thing is having to open a case/ticket in Oracle, without having time to analyze it, due to work pressure. We come to the same conclusion that the engineer who attends our case if we would have enough time.



7. What is the most satisfying thing about being a SysAdmin?

- The most satisfying thing is for me, to find a solution for a complex situation and I am able to write the tips in my Spanish blog  solaris4ever.blogspot.com