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I got to attend Øredev 2016 Developers Conference in Malmo, Sweden the week before last (Nov 7-11).



For those of you not familiar with Sweden, you get to Malmo from the outside world by flying to Copenhagen and then taking the train across the bridge to Malmo. It's a very cosmopolitan city. The Mayor of Malmo hosted the speakers, organizers and yours truly on a dinner the night before the conference at the historic townhall. I came back learning not only a lot of history, but also through the keynotes and themes of many of the speakers learning about IT and technology from the lens of social justice, peace and other themes of the conference. A first for me and unique especially coming from State-side.


In this multi-media blog post you will find a little background on the conference, some photos and a link to some of the video interviews that I shot. Apologies upfront for my croaky voice due to the Swedish Cough and Cold I caught.


Special thanks to Emily Holweck for hosting me, Amelia Barklid for picking me up from the train station, Andreas Hammar as the Øredev team for welcoming me and giving us the VIP treatment.



The Mayor of Malmo


Conference Background

  • Malmo, Sweden
  • 12th year
  • 3 days conference
  • Over 180 track sessions
  • About a 1,000 attendees
  • Developer Conference but with social themes including Social Justice, Peace etc (which is very unique)

Community Cast

The setup was amazing. I was expecting us to have an off stage presence, but didn't realize we had the whole stage.

Between Heather Van Cura (who did the Java interview) and I we recorded about 25 Community Casts with developer/speakers and keynoters.

We had a big screen presence behind us.


The Community Cast Stage


I alternated interview sessions with Heather VanCura (above) who leads the Java Community Process (JCP) Program.

The videos need a bunch of editing so will share later ( I caught a Swedish cough/cold so it was challenging interviews).


Welcome to oredev

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