You all know the basic premise behind DevOps. In simple, get rid of silos between organizations specifically Development and Operations. In reality depending on the size of the organization there is Test, QA, Staging and others in between.

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Considering this, week we will have a change in administration, I find it surprising that with several departments like "State" there hasn't been much conversation between the old and the new. Even though the analogy isn't perfect hopefully you get the picture of Silos whatever shape of form.


In the IT world, not only is DevOps an opportunity to deploy tools that allow  Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery it requires a cultural shift. Roles will change. Developers have to get a better understanding of how Ops works and SysAdmins will need to understand more about code. No matter what business,  you are in or what political affiliation you have, “Software Defined Everything” means Software is going to playa critical role in your organization.


DevOps provides a methodology to make things faster, cheaper, smaller. Oracle has some great offerings in this space starting with the Developer Cloud Service. In the coming weeks and months we hope to share with you how you take services like this, and knock down those Silos for a better world.