There are many parallels between technology and art even though outwardly they appear diametrically opposed. The Australian Tennis Open is now taking place and into its second week with the quarter finals. Even if you are not a tennis fan you have probably heard of the Swiss Maestro Roger Federer. At the ripe and mature age of 35 years, he is having an awesome tournament. When you see Federer play, he is at times playing what appears to be effortless tennis.

Photo  by Richard Fisher available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license.jpg

   Photo  by Richard Fisher available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license


He is in "the flow." Which brings me back to the world of technology and DevOps. In the coming first half of 2017, my Oracle colleagues and I will be making several appearances at Oracle Code and other developer events starting with Developer Week in San Francisco in February and other events like DevNexus in Atlanta. Regardless of the venue, we hope to share with you the Cloud platforms that can allow you as a Developer, System Administrator (Release Engineer, DBA,  Network/Security Engineer, or any other job title) better ways to manage your infrastructure.


If you are a DevOps sceptic or not totally convinced about its value, not to worry. We're not asking you to "throw out the baby with the bath water." Let's work on identifying your pain points, and based on those trying to understand where DevOps can help. Automation can help you with Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Monitoring. When these tools work together with people and processes, you too can be "in the flow."


It is is hard to visually show how the flow looks like in DevOps, but if you want to see something inspiring, check out this shot from Roger at the Australian Open.


DevOps builds on Waterfall and Agile cultures and with the right tools and cultural mind shift you too can become a maestro.