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There are a lot of interesting facts about Oracle Code and the 21 City worldwide tour. I will be doing a more detailed post later. For now here is a kind of feature film of Oracle Code, a mashup via Google Earth and highlights from each city. Not to worry it is not the length of a Bollywood film, but it was hard capturing 21 cities in the shortest time.


Besides B-roll and pics I shot, I want to give a shoutout to Pablo Ciccarello, for getting me video for Mexico City (which also doubled for Rio  and Jen Nicholson, Sai Janakiram, and Sebastian Daschner for getting me pics of New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Tokyo, as well as Jim Grisanzio for showing up in Seoul and Beijing, taking lot of pics while I was busy on the DevLive stage.


Besides issues of content, there were plenty of technical challenges using Google Earth the first time. I won't list them, but as a heads-up, the cities are NOT in chronological order. It would have been nauseating to spin the earth back and forth, so I just moved from continent to continent and zoomed in and out of each city. The music tracks are also by continent.

I am happy with the results and hope you like it (feel free to share). I think that's it, to enjoy it I would suggest watching it on your laptops, rather than your phones.