Happy New Year folks, and hope you had a great holiday. I'm excited about 2018.


There was a lot that took place in 2017, from our record 21 city worldwide  Oracle Code tour, to amazing community activities, including the addition of new communities, launch of the Dev.O site, new advocacy programs, OpenWorld17 and JavaOne17, our focus on Women in Technology and more. Here is the blogpost that encapsulates it all.   Now on to 2018.



Attention all developers, OracleCode is coming to a city near you. The first Code city is Los Angeles on Feb 27, 2018, followed by many others.

  • Register now for your chance to attend. Check out this code link for more details. We will also be present at other developer related events including the following in February.
  • Developer Week in Oakland, CA  Feb 5-7. More details here.
  • Dev Nexus in Atlanta Feb 21-23. More details here.


We have some great articles that are in the process of being published. If you have an idea for an article or would like to repurpose an existing one about DevOps, Containers, Serverless, Cloud and Systems, I would love to hear from you.


If you have other feedback or suggestions I welcome them. Wishing you the best for the year.