Here is Siddharta Agarwal's 2018 Top 10 prediction regarding DevOps and the accompanying video.


We all agree devops is critically important for helping developers build new applications and features fast, while maintaining high levels of quality and performance. The problem with devops is developers needing to spend 60 percent of their time on the ops side of the equation, thus cutting into the time devoted to development. Developers are having to integrate various continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) tools, maintain those integrations, and constantly update the CI/CD tool chain as new technologies are released. Everyone does CI, but not too many people do CD.  Developers will insist on cloud services to help the pendulum swing back to the dev side in 2018. That will require more automation for real CICD.


Docker gives you packaging, portability, and the ability to do agile deployments. You need CD to be a part of this Docker lifecycle. For example, if you are using containers, as soon as you commit a code change to Git, the default artifact built should be a Docker image with the new version of the code. Further, the image should automatically get pushed into a Docker registry, and a container deployed from the image into a dev-test environment. After QA testing and deployment into production, the orchestration, security, and scaling of containers should be taken care of for you. Business leaders are putting pressure on developers to deliver new innovations faster; the devops model must free up more time for developers to make that possible.