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It would be a stretch for me to claim that the Eagles won because of their DevOps, Microservices and Serverless, plays. However, what we can say is there is a connection, or at least some parallels between Football and tech. DevOps requires you to iterate and learn from each pass, compared to the older Waterfall where the players based on the coaches instructions go in with a play, without a good feedback loop. Microservices and Serverless require you to break down the game and play to finite moves that are choreographed to the smallest detail. Of course with all of the design and execution it requires ongoing monitoring of how things are playing out, to fine-tuning the moves in real time.

Photo  by Tony Webster available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license.jpg

Photo  by Tony Webster available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license


The Super Bowl is a huge media event, and if you weren't watching it in person or via cable/over-the-air/satellite then chances are you watched it through a livestream onto a smartphone, tablet, Connected TV device like Roku, Chromecast, or Internet TV Service like Hulu, YouTube TV, or on your laptop over a web browser. There was a lot of technology behind not only delivering all that video in real time and high quality but also with Machine Learning, showing highlights, and the best crowd reactions to various plays etc.


I am not a fan of either team, but do have the highest respect for the Patriots and am happy for the underdog Eagles. DevOps or no DevOps, it was a roller coaster game, a pretty good half-time and some awesome commercials. On that lighter note, here were a couple of my favorites.