In 2017, Oracle Code connected with more than 600,000 developers all around the globe. If you have attended one of the Oracle Code sessions in 2018 in LA, NY, Chicago, Boston, Bengaluru or Hyderabad, awesome.




     Baruch Sadogursky doing a presentation about DevOps at Oracle Code




If not there are a lot of exciting cities we will be visiting. The next one up for me is Oracle Code Bogota, which takes place April 24th, just a day away.Join us for this free event in more cities and countries in 2018! Below are the dates. If you need more details please check out



Bogotá (reg open) - April 24

Buenos Aires (reg open) - May 15

São Paulo - June 20



Warsaw (reg open) - May 11

London (reg open) - May 30

Berlin (reg open) - June 12

Paris (reg open) - July 3rd



Shenzhen (reg open) - May 8

Singapore (reg open) - May 17