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It is not often we get to meet celebrity-status Social do-gooders, but I have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting two almost back-to-back. At Oracle Code London I met and interviewed Dr. Sue Black founder of TechMums. Now at Oracle Code Brazil, I met and interviewed iamtheCODE founder, Mariéme Jamme  who gave the keynote.  Mariéme is Senegalese born, and faced many hardships on her journey to France and then the UK. So that others don’t have to go through what she did, Jamme is on a mission to train a million women and girl coders by 2030. She has already spread chapters and mentoring programs that have been used in Africa, Europe, South Asia and Latin America.


Our conversation started with football as the Word Cup 2018 is in full swing. Senegal had a 2-1 win over Poland, so that made for a great kick-off to our conversation. From there she discussed the importance of not only STEM but STEAMD (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, Arts and Design) as a way to empower young girls in disenfranchised communities and countries.


When I asked her about what she wanted developers at the conference to do or for that matter what companies like Oracle should be doing?  She answered that most of these girls have never seen an office, so anyone who can help mentor girls would be a great step. Empowered girls and young women can become assets to companies and help them grow their business.  By preparing young women for the job market, Mariéme mentioned that companies like Oracle have put Sao Paulo on the map.


Her message is not only for Africa but the world, where parts of society who are forgotten can become net positive contributors. Technology can be used as a tool, an investment in human and economic empowerment by giving vulnerable minds hope. The future looks bright based on my conversation with Jamme. If Senegal and Brazil reach the final there could be no better message that we can send from Oracle Code Brasil; Viva Mariéme,  Viva Senegal, and Viva Brasil. Check out the video below.




You can learn more about iamtheCODE at

Well folks, we just wrapped up another wonderful Oracle Code event in London.

As usual there were Keynotes, technical breakout sessions, The Developer Lounge with Zip labs, IoT workshops, cool cloud demos and yes my favorite DevLive interviews with speakers.

Before heading to a Code event, we Community Managers reach out to speakers to see if we can get them on stage to do an interview. What made Code London a plus plus, was amazing support from the local UK team. Shout outs to Caroline Apsey and Becca Wan along with our Community teams Martha Hess who created some additional refreshing interview opportunities.


I interviewed Ian Sharp who is the Lead Data Scientist of Oracle UK along with Sabiha Malik from "The Bee Project". Check out the video below to find out how bees and data come together.


Next up, Dr. Sue Black who spoke on the subject of "Women in Tech". She spoke to a full house auditorium with the title "If I can do it, so can you" where she spoke about some of the incredible hurdles she has come across in life and how she overcame them. I had the good fortune of sitting opposite her at the Speaker's Dinner the night before, and she is an inspiring figure and author hopefully whose story or book will go to the big screen.



I also interviewed Caroline as she spoke about the importance of STEAM (an offshoot of STEM) as an important program to enable youth and their careers. Here is her interview.




If you want to view the playlist of all the interviews, check this link out. Till the next Code event,...